Grounds & Building Maintenance

Regardless of your facility needs, CMMC is dedicated to servicing and maintaining your assets.  If you own an industrial or commercial property, our specialized service will allow you to make one call for repairs, maintenance, and project management.  Our building and grounds services include:

Building Maintenance Services

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical / Voice and Data
  • Wall Painting & Repair
  • Renovations
  • General Repairs & Services
  • Project management

Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

  • Lawn Care
  • Vegetation Control
  • Slope Care & Management
  • Litter Control
  • Fence Install / Repair
  • Signage

What We Consider Building Maintenance

It takes a lot of different skills to keep a commercial building up and running smoothly. Maintenance includes keeping heating and cooling systems in working order, maintaining plumbing, inspecting and repairing electrical systems as well as other utilities. It can also include general repairs and services to all parts of the building walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as project management of renovations to the building. Building maintenance is important because it maintains or enhances the property value while providing safe conditions.

What Types of Building Maintenance Do We Provide?

Our building maintenance includes maintaining all of the building systems and the interior and exterior of the building. Every aspect of a commercial building needs to be maintained. To do this successfully, our building maintenance crews consist of a team of highly skilled maintenance technicians in many fields including HVAC, electrical, general construction, and plumbing. Our team conducts frequent inspections of all building systems, juggles many projects and is able to handle emergency repairs.

What Do We Mean by Grounds Maintenance?

CMMC provides grounds maintenance for commercial buildings and parking lots. Our grounds maintenance crews keep your facility’s outdoor areas neat and clean. This serves to keep the property value up and make sure the outside is safe for employees and visitors. Our commercial grounds maintenance crews also maintain sprinkler systems, fences, electronic gates, and other outdoor equipment.

What Does Landscape Maintenance Include?

Sometimes people refer to grounds maintenance as landscape maintenance. We not only mow, seed, and water lawns, we also take measures to control other invasive vegetation including the application of chemical treatments to control pests, weeds, and diseases.  We also have the ability to install rock walls and fences to control erosion on slopes.  Additionally, we provide litter control as part of our grounds maintenance services. 

We also provide preventive care at an unbeatable level of service allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment by instilling and requiring safe behavior and practices from all our associates. Our fundamental service approach starts with our management who are the project managers contributing directly to the job. If you’re looking to outsource your maintenance needs, save money and achieve a higher level of service, contact CMMC.