Mechanical & Fleet
Maintenance & Repair

CMMC offers a full line of mechanical repairs and preventive maintenance.  To keep your equipment in full production with limited downtime, our Twin Oaks PA location offers shop service as well as on-site services.  All other locations offer on-site services.  Whether you require service to a vehicle or a specialized piece of equipment, we are here for you.  Our services are centered around your schedule and equipment needs.  Our offerings include:

  • On-site Preventive Care & Repair – With on-site fleet maintenance and repair, we’ll keep your fleet on the road and out of the shop. Whether your cars, vans, and trucks are under warranty or not, we’ll minimize your maintenance costs by scheduling routine inspections and maintenance to keep your fleet healthy; conveniently, right on-site.
  • Hydraulic Repairs – We maintain your hydraulics, from hoses to fittings to rebuilds. When your equipment breaks down we can help reduce downtime because our expert Hydraulic Hose Repair technicians provide on-site services. 
  • Welding & Fabrication – We provide welding and repair services with custom fabrication as required for your equipment. If your vehicle needs a custom piece, our fabrication experts can fabricate a solution.

FAQs About our Mechanical & Fleet Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

How do you maintain a fleet of vehicles and manage fleet maintenance?

To keep a fleet of vehicles in top-performing shape, you need an experienced fleet maintenance service to choose, maintain and manage your fleet. From an administration standpoint, you will need to keep track of vehicle titles, licenses and maintenance schedule, and priority of repairs.

What is fleet maintenance and what does it mean?

CMMC’s Fleet maintenance services are designed to keep your vehicles in good operation for safe, reliable transportation.  Adhering to maintenance schedules increases the longevity of your fleet. By maintaining a maintenance schedule for each specific vehicle, inspecting and replacing parts, and keeping track of each vehicle’s history we avoid unexpected breakdowns which leads to better productivity for your business.

What is fleet repair?

With preventative maintenance and frequent inspections, we prevent most repair situations, but repairs are still necessary for a fleet of vehicles. Our fleet repair starts with a plan that details the work that needs to be done, the time it will take, the skills involved in completion, materials, and parts needed, and tools needed. Thorough planning improves the quality of the repair work and reduces the time a vehicle will be out of the fleet.  In many situations, we perform repair work at your location, further reducing downtime. We also keep detailed records of all repair work.

What does our fleet maintenance manager do?

At CMMC, our fleet maintenance manager has a background in logistics and vehicle mechanics.  Our managers know how to use all the tools and staff skill sets to efficiently perform regular maintenance and make repairs, keeping your fleet at peak performance.

What is considered industrial maintenance and equipment repair?

Industrial maintenance and equipment repair services help to maintain and repair machinery in an industrial setting such as a plant, distribution center, or rail terminal. Industrial maintenance and equipment repair includes preventative maintenance as well as repairs when machinery malfunctions or needs troubleshooting.