Industrial & Commercial Property Management & Maintenance

One Call

Commercial Maintenance & Management, Corp. is your one source vendor for all your maintenance needs.  We are a full-service industrial and commercial property management, maintenance, and repair company providing building and grounds maintenance, mechanical and fleet maintenance and repair, and parking lot maintenance since 2004.  If you’re looking to outsource your maintenance needs, save money and achieve a higher level of service, call CMMC today.

Building & Grounds Maintenance

Choose a one-vendor solution for your commercial grounds maintenance. Working with a variety of vendors takes time and effort away from what is important: running your day-to-day operations. With CMMC on site, you only have to make one call. We manage all your building and grounds maintenance needs from HVAC, plumbing, and electrical to lawn care, fence repair, and signage.

Mechanical & Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Unlike traditional property or facility management companies, CMMC offers a wide array of mechanical and fleet maintenance and repair services. We recognized that many of our customers had a need for on-site and shop maintenance and repairs of their mechanical equipment and vehicle fleets. CMMC has a team of skilled professionals that can perform preventative care, welding and fabrication, hydraulic repairs, and more!

Parking Lot Maintenance

Your parking lots and asphalt areas are the first impression of your company or a crucial link in your business.  CMMC realizes the need for superior parking lot maintenance for safety as well as a visual sign of a quality operation.  We provide a full line of services to meet your needs including excavation, seal coating, ground markings, snow removal, and more!

Industries We Serve

Industrial Property Management

CMMC’s industrial property management clients range from logistical facilities to rail-served terminals. We service rail, trucking, manufacturing, and shipping companies to maintain their facilities and repair their fleets and equipment.

Commercial Property Management

CMMC’s commercial property management services office buildings and corporate complexes. We are a one-call solution for all your facility needs from the parking lot to building maintenance.

Our Commitment

Our one call, one company, one solution approach allows us to manage your maintenance concerns while leaving you to concentrate on your core business. We commit to treating our customers like partners and to strive for the highest level of quality service while making safety our top priority.  These core values have helped CMMC to grow and maintain loyal customers. Learn more about the history and leadership of Commercial Maintenance & Management, Corp. 


Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and South Carolina

CMMC started in the Tristate area offering their commercial and industrial property management and maintenance services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We have expanded our locations to include Florida and South Carolina in 2016 and have grown a large presence in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Jupiter.

Outsource your commercial property maintenance needs to CMMC!